In her composing, Ylva Skog (born 1963) intuitively blends and fuses musical styles, drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of sources including fine art and literature. It has been said that Ylva Skog stand with one leg in the tradition of Igor Stravinsky and Béla Bartók, and the other in jazz, rock and Latin American music. She works with a wide variety of formats, including electroacoustic music and choir.
She also played piano, and gradually developed an interest in composition. 1994 to 1999 she studied composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and received her Masters in fine art of music.

She is also working part-time as an education coordinator at the centre EMS (Electronic music studio).

Her music is frequently performed nationally and, not least, internationally.
XII Breathings, for example, was premiered at Miami University, Ohio, USA. The choral works Frogs and Rännil have toured in the Nordic countries, Europe and the USA. The chamber music piece Four Songs was selected for the Nordic Music Days of Copenhagen and the work for guitar and flute Ça va? Ça va! has been performed several times in Paris. Twilight for choir and percussion was premiered in Berlin. The electro-acoustic work Sagobiljetten was selected for the French Futura festival in 2005 and for the Voices on the Edge festival of California in 2006. The percussion duopiece Vibracell was first performed at Villa San Michele, Capri, Italy, in 2007 and the electro-acoustic work Rampljus was played at the international festival of Bourges in 2008 and at Cést la vie, Madrid, Spain in 2009. November, 2011 Four Shadows for violin and piano was performed twice in London.

The composer portrait of her, Terra Firma, (dbCD126) was released in 2008 and was nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award.

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